What is Silverlight and how to get Silverlight Developer Setup ?

what is silverlight ?
Silverlight is powerful yet light-weight platform for developing a cross-browser,cross-platform, network applications that integrates data and services from many sources. Based on new generation technology “RIA”,Rich Internet Application, it is WYSIWYG (providing consistent experience no matter where it runs) , it enables high end UI that helps in enhancing the typical end user experience comapred to traditional Web Application.

Adding to its feature- It is supported by very small download that install in seconds. It streams video and audio at a very high rate, scaling its video quality from mobile devices to desktop browsers to 720p HDTV video modes.

Some links :
. Microsoft Silverlight Main Page ( click here )

. Download link for silverlight Plug-in ( click here)

. All Silverlight Resources / Softwares for the Development environment ( click here)

(step wise procedure to setup environment)

  1. Note : For minimum setup – One has to have -(dot)netFramework 3.5 (click here) choose Full Redistributable Package + 3.5 Service pack 1  (click here) choose Full Package    Note: To download the full package – scroll down the page            (No need if you have windows 7, its inbuilt there)   
  2. Visual Studio 2008 Proffesional/Team System/Web Express Edition.(Click here)  + VS SP1 (Click here)
  3. Silverlight 3 tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1. (Click here)( Includes – Silverlight 3 SDK, Silverlight 3 Developer runtime, Silverlight tools for Visual Studio).
  4.  Expression Studio 3 ( Majorly Expression Blend, other options – Expression Encoder, Design, Web, Web SuperViewer) (Click here)

Some Quick  References:

  • Silverlight Developer Poster ver. 1.1 silverlight 1.1 developer Reference




    ver. 2Silverlight 2.0 Developer  Reference



  • Silverlight Programming Model
  • silverlight programming model


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