Out Of Browser Application

Out of Browser Application !!

Silverlight Application on web everyone knows… but out of browser application is something given by Silverlight. Same stuff given by Adobe called AIR(Adobe AIR). But for this, one has to have Adobe AIR plug-in installed on your inspite of Adobe flash plug-in. But, here with this Silverlight nothing else has to be installed on client side, only Silverlight plug-in.

So, what is Out Of Browser Application ? ?

This is the application in which silverlight application running on internet can be installed, YES INSTALLED by the client on their computer and later on they can run the same application with the same look and feel of silverlight.

Just right click on the silverlight application and you can install the same on your computer. Example of one of these application one can run on his/her computer –  http://gadfly.claritycon.com/ (developed by claritycon consulting)

Click Launch to go to web application.  right click on the application and if application like this have out of browser capability then you will see two options – as highlighted below..

Then after clicking this it will ask you two options like this – to install it on Desktop or Start Menu… Here I chose “Desktop”.

Then after you installed the same you will get the shortcut of the application on desktop –

So when you click on this application you can run same like as if any desktop application.. so this is what we called silverlight out of browser application.

Adding to this you have the liberty to remove the same – ” just open the application and right click on it. You will get the option saying – “Removing the application”. Once cliked on it. your application will be removed.

Try it.. this is amazing… 

If you are building your own application in silverlight, same application can be made as out of browser .. in a very easy way..  just go to the properties window and click – out of browser and your application will play same like this application..

Try this application and if you have any query please be free to ask the questions…


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