” User Experience is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a specific Design. This can range from  a special artifact, such as a cup, toy or website up to a larger, integrated experiences such as museums or an airport.”

For example – The feel good factor which you can collect when you are in Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 , New Delhi.

  • The entrance to airport to the awesome services like – ease of transport with the handy bus service between domestic and international terminals,
  • The luggage belts – the numbers for each belt in the way it is displayed
  • The Navigation inside the Airport from main gate to the flight – Easy and visibility of directions which is again superceed by the voice announcements
  • Horizontal Escalators – Direction to and back to flight, helping first time passenger to redirect to right boarding gate ans fast movement to avoid any delays.

All these things when clubbed together give user an experience, where there you can see a good use study and mental model is matched for wide range of users. This is called User experience.


Courtsey - Provis Media Group

Courtsey – Provis Media Group

Physocologist view of USER EXPERIENCE

courtsey - UX magazine

courtsey – UX magazine


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