Are Usability and User Experience Synonyms?

Now a days User Experience and Usability have become synonymous, BUT these two fields are clearly different.

So the answer to the title ” Are usability and User Experience Synomyms” is big “NO”.

But Why answer is “No” ?

User Experience addresses how a user feels while using the system. User experience is about matching the user mental model.

Usability is about user-friendliness and efficiency of the interface.

Basically, Usability is big part of User Experience and plays a major role in experiences that are effective and pleasant.


So basically,

Usability answers the question,” Can the user accomplish their goal ?“, while

User Experience answers the question, “Did the user had delightful experience while achieving the goal ?

Example –

in case of a online retail store, the UX will be the experience from selecting product to the delivery of the product, end-to-end.
Thus UX is a combination of Information Architecture, Content, Branding and Usability of the product. ( there can be more parameters to this). So better the usability is, better the user experience.

Some good links to learn read more on this –


3 responses to “Are Usability and User Experience Synonyms?

  1. This is just CLEAR, SIMPLE and FAB. Very nice Arpit.
    Knowledge is good when we have it, but best when we share it. Keep up the good work man.. am surely following ur site from today 🙂

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