Mental Model

What is Mental Model ?

Actually mental model in dictionary means, “model of psychic”.. :p  Just kidding..

Well Mental model is a term widely used by all designers and basically user experience designers. This term hardly comes out of visual designer or designer.

So, mental model is a “representation that a person has in his mind about the object he is interacting with.” Basically, every person has a different mental model.

Its better to explain it looking at this example –

“when getting a book out of the library, they form a mental model of the things they have to do to achieve this.”

“the accelerator pedal in a car is perceived by the designers as a means to inject more fuel to the car engine. However, the driver perceives it as a means to go faster (ignoring the mechanical implications). Both visions are different but consistent.”

So How do we design this Mental Model  in practice.

link –


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