What User Experience Designer is ?

This is targeted to whole UX community, to understand and discuss :

“What User Experience Designer is ?” or in other words  –

” Different roles and skills necessary in today’s time for any User Experience Designer.”

But, this is a very dynamic field which is filled of everyday new innovation.So being user experience designer I don’t think or able to come down with any particular definition for this. But, I would welcome you all in case you can take this blog and discuss of the same.

Developers, who may see us as simple-minded individuals who don’t understand basics of UI Design principle, to the Business stakeholder / executives, who may see us as the bakers who can ice up the cake.

Understanding the users, their needs, the best channels to reach them ( if possible), is what we do. I think we should follow the same even when we design for any software solution, any online marketing strategy, or as simple as plain UI design.

Because I think being User Experience designer – any design or redesign, anything should start up with plain hard core research.

Reason :

Even stakeholders or clients are coming to us for the help. And, this help from our side is give the baby which is full proof and take their business up anyhow.

To grow up this baby in a mature way – It is important to get the base line that ” You are been taken as user experience designer by client and you are not designing for client or business, but you are designing for the end user. End user can be consumer base, internal users, etc. But, the fact is they are human beings and people like us and we need to understand them. We need to make this understand to client or stakeholder.”

All this is simple equation ( addition of these elements )-

[ Human Factor + Human Sense + Design Element that connect with user at { Emotional + Navigation paths ( focus , execute, find something quickly ) } ] = UI/UX Design.

This is part of the reason why we see an increasing incorporation of many other fields merging together in UX Design; such as Human Factors, Human Computer Interaction, Industrial design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Graphic Designs, Information Architecture, Psychology, Anthropology, Robotics, Analytics, Statistics, Ergonomics, and so many other fields of study.  Anything that can help us better understand who the user is, what he needs, when he needs it, and how we can best deliver it, must be used.

So, this is what user experience designer is.

In case, you all have something to add this to, please do add this and post as discussion.


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